"Roadtrip" book cover

"Roadtrip" tour dates

[ See a "trailer" for the book/tour here ]

We are proud to announce the first (of many, we hope) publications, Roadtrip: Project 1:1000,  Volume I, by David Overturf (aka mtdaveo).  This flagship publication contains meditations, estimations, and realizations before, during, and after his 25,000-mile roadtrip from Billings, Montana to where the road ends, in Ushuaia, Argentina (and back north for a bit).  The book is written in the format/ratio of 1 picture: 1000 words (i.e. the basis of this very website - see FAQ here).  The tour serves as the telling of tales inspired by the road, as well as an introduction to Project 1:1000 to a larger audience.

The tour will take place Summer/Fall 2022.

The 1st LEG (see above) is a tour of Montana.  The 2nd LEG is a tour of the west from Spokane to Seattle, south to Eugene, and west to Boise.  The 3rd LEG is from Montana east to Chicago, around the Great Lakes to Portland, ME; south to Virginia Beach; west to Santa Fe; then north through Denver and back to Montana.  

We'll see what legs this thing has.  Lodging and fuel costs are a real concern, and must be justified with input and interest.  Final route, stops, and dates will largely be decided by support and referrals received.   We're open for suggestions and will adjust our sails to the wind.

Hope to see you soon!