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Project 1:1000, Vol. I

by David Overturf

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This is the flagship publication of Project 1:1000, offering glimpses of a 16-month, 25,000-mile roadtrip from Billings, Montana to the end of the road in Ushuaia, Argentina (and back north for a bit). The author is also the creator of Project 1:1000, and the book is written in the spirit and format of the website and community – 1 picture: 1000 words. The book includes 29 pictures (each with 1000 words of context) of estimations, realizations, and revelations before, during, and as a result of a great sojourn.

10% of the proceeds from this book will be split evenly and donated to these causes:

Clean Air Task Force  |  Rainforest Foundation US  |  Climate Emergency Fund  |  Coalition for Rainforest Nations  |  Information Technology and Innovative Foundation

Publication Date: July 2022

Softcover. 123 pgs. Color.

Price: $30.00