27 Aug 2008

Writing Cues are general themes provided by Project 1:1000 Admin to narrow the creative scope and illicit Submission creation as well as grouping these similarly inspired Submissions together for Fans and readers.

Below are any and all Submissions inspired by the theme the Writing Cue "Travel", with the newest addition listed first. Check out this and other Writing Cues here or visit TAGS MAIN to see other themes (Submission Tags) and be connected to Submissions containing those themes.

If you (Contributors only) wish to contribute on the following theme, please complete a Submission, attributing it to the theme via USER > WORK > [Your Submission title] > WRITING CUES.

Submission: Southern Utah  

Contributor: acrowley

Tags:fun, cool

Published: 07 Jun 2021

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Submission: Marcela and Molly's Camp Adventures   

Contributor: mkazmierowski


Published: 11 May 2021

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Submission: The Boy in the Casbah  

Contributor: mtdaveo

Tags:travel, fear, ethnocentrism, casbah

Published: 27 Aug 2008

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