Emergency Room

by Helena_Vally

07 Jun 2021

My leg after falling and getting 14 stiches.

I was always a daring kid, I would never back down from a challenge. I had done things that none of my friends would dare to do. I would go free climbing on cliffs I found, Swim across entire lakes, and even jump through drive through windows. But that all ended about 3 years ago. I was just getting done setting up a parkour Course on my deck. 

 The course consisted of wood, bricks, and rope. The goal was to get all the way to the end of the course. But to do the I had to jump, climb, and swing my way to the end without touching the ground. But the part I was worried about was the balance part which was made from the guard rail on my deck. My mom has always told me not to play around next to the rail because I could fall. hi 

But on this blue-sky day I forgot. There I was standing on the first obstacle, the brick jump, as I imagined announcers yelling my name. I started to jump from brick to brick I could hear them crackle and moan under my weight.  

The next obstacle was a wood bar that I would haft to climb across as I grabbed to wood plank, I could feel my hangs stress as I inched my way to the end. As I looked back at what I accomplished I could see my dad pulling into the driveway, he was coming home after working at the motel we owned. He never liked me doing the stuff I liked so I knew I had to clean up my mess. But the sun was still high, and I knew I had to finish what I started. As I started to get back in my zone, I jumped the Gard rail and landed on the dusty 2-inch-wide wood plank that marked the edge of the our deck.  

The wind was hurling past my face making my hair blind my eyes as I started to scoot across the thirty-foot-long deck. I was about halfway when a big gust of wind flew past me making the rail sway back and forth. I lost my grip I could feel a shock going up my spine as I knew I was going to fall. I could hear my voice try to scram, but wind was caught in my mouth making it hard to speak. It felt like I was falling for ever then I heard a loud crack! Tears were starting to fill in my eyes, as I looked down, I could see the old table I used to but my hundreds of Legos and there was blood on it, but I couldn't not see my leg. 

I was screaming at that point for my mom, she rushed out of the pool almost walking on the water. I could feel her touch my head and yelling for my father that just sat down in the house. I couldn’t feel where my leg was but once my dad got down to the back yard, he knew what happened and that I needed help right away. He grabbed me by my arm pits and tried pulling my up from the table, but he stopped after we heard a rip and I started to scream louder.  

My leg was through the table. My mom looked underneath to see what the noise was, and she saw that when my dad was pulling me my skin was ripping downwards. After a little thinking I got it out myself making sure that it does not do anymore damage. Once my leg was free my dad grabbed me and rushed me to the car where my mom was now waiting with my two sisters crying in the back seat. We tied a towel around my leg to help slow to bleeding but in seconds the towel was dark read. 

Once my mom started up the car, she rushed out of the driveway and into the street with a plain sheet of panic. I could tell she was worried for me tears were bawling up in her eyes, she was saying “It should have been me”. We lived about 3 miles from the emergency room, but the trip seemed to take hours we got stopped by everything in our path. Once we pulled into the Emergency parking lot my mom ran into the building telling the lady at the front desk that we needed help right away.  

My dad was a few seconds behind her not even giving the lady my name he just pushed the doors open to the operating room and laid me down Doctors came in a minute later and took off the towel. I could see my leg for the first time, the bone was visible and tender red flesh was scratched up, laying to the side of the wound. They grabbed a gallon of disinfectant liquid and pored it over my leg to clean it out. After they had it clean, they put me through a series of X-rays to make sure nothing was fractured or broke. 

The hole time my mom was holding my hand while my dad watched my sisters in the waiting room. Doctors kept trying to calm me and after a while it worked, I could barely feel a thing because the shots they gave me numbed it. All I could feel was the needle pull my flesh side to side like somebody was tugging on my skin. Once I was stitched up and the X-rays came back the doctors said I could go home.  

I could not walk yet, there was 14 stiches in my left leg now. As my dad carried me to the car, he sat me down laying across the back seat. Once we got home my mom rushed me to the bed as my dad was taking the table away to the dump.  

I learned my lesson to listen to my parents all the time. 


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My leg after falling and getting 14 stiches.



















Emergency Room

Helena | Montana | United States




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