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You get your intuition back when you make space for it, when you stop the chattering of the rational mind.  Rationality squeezes out much that is rich and juicy and fascinating. - Anne Lamott


PROJECT 1:1000 was first envisioned as an educational tour program (see History).  The vision has grown to include the display of individual output and the building and encouragement of an online community of like-minded people who mix words and images, and/or enjoy the work of those who do.  But the simple ratio will likely be most powerful in the organized, mentored, guided practice of experiencing life, capturing significant images thereof, and speaking on them one thousand words at a time.

The target audience of the original educational tour program was either university students or a summer program for high school students.  But the application of PROJECT 1:1000 design, methodology, and practices would be beneficial in a wide variety of other contexts, for age groups both younger and older.

In addition to the obvious focus on reading and writing proficiency, PROJECT 1:1000 programs illuminate and enhance interpersonal communication, collaboration, exposure to multiple perspectives, and the valuable space and place to be seen and heard and read.  All programs encourage and foster creative expression.  Student programs especially provide participants a way and a place to work and play and shine right now as well as numerous skills that provide for more luminous futures, but the same could be done and said for adults and businesses as well.

While the educational component of PROJECT 1:1000 focuses on community, affirmation, experiential living and self-expression, PROJECT 1:1000 Team Members could also communicate issues with structure, grammar, and clarity of expression to the Partner.  Please note that while PROJECT 1:1000 program is not a substitute for regular English classes, it may well provide alternative circumstances and settings more conducive to free, encouraged, and affirmed expression.

Technically-speaking, schools or groups will be able to create an account on PROJECT  They will be able to create, administer, and populate various program sessions (i.e. “Summer 2019”) with participant output, taking advantage of the camaraderie, community, and inherit visibility and marketing of PROJECT 1:1000 brand and website.  Groups are discussed here.  Individual program and output would be listed as such.  Program Leader (Teacher) would be listed as such.

Indeed, the PROJECT 1:1000 website may be used in the classroom at will.  Educators may create accounts, then create and administrate Groups.  Their students may likewise create accounts and create and publish Submissions, which would then be placed in those Groups.  Schools may do likewise with their teachers, creating accounts, which would display their teachers, which would display their Groups and so on.

Alternatively, if there just isn't enough time in the day (or bandwidth for the instructor!) or there is a need/desire for some extra credit, an extra outlet, or simply practice for students, PROJECT 1:1000 Programs can lead the way.  There is room here for both the intrinsically and extrinsically motivated.

We are in the process of developing a network of PROJECT 1:1000 Team Members to initiate and implement PROJECT 1:1000 Programs on-site (or off-site, if that is better).  It might well amount to something akin to a Writing Club – in this case: a specifically-designed and focused, yet casual, safe, welcoming, and affirming one.

PROJECT 1:1000 Team Members will be good and passionate people and facilitators, educated and experienced writers with a background in education training and/or arts collaboration and production.

PROJECT 1:1000 Programs would include:

  • Partner-specific program design based on communication and collaboration between PROJECT 1:1000 Administration + Team Member and Program Partner (school, university, or business)
  • On-site application and administration of partner-specific Program

PROJECT 1:1000 Team Member shall:

  • Act as writing group guide and mentor
  • Introduce PROJECT 1:1000 format, philosophy, and function
  • Initiate and lead brainstorming and writing cue sessions
  • Act as feedback facilitator
  • If desired, provide weekly updates of student attendance, participation, and output to Partner
  • Create Partner-specific online presence on PROJECT 1:1000 website (create and administrate Group and its Contributors and Submissions)
  • Design and produce end of session presentations


Please inquire here for more information regarding PROJECT 1:1000 Programs or here if you would like to join the PROJECT 1:1000 Team.




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