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A Group is just that: a grouping of Contributors, Submissions and/or other Groups.

For more information, check out the Groups section of the FAQ here.

Category: the category of Group (Education, Social Justice, Community, Business)


Projects are "child" groups consisting of Contributors & their Submissions.  Think "classes."

Sessions are essentially Projects that have been created by the output of a guided, mentored Project 1:1000 Session.  See more on Sessions here.

Groups are "parent" groups consisting of Projects (and their Contributors & Submissions).  Think "schools."

Status: Open/Closed = Accepting/Not accepting Contributors/Projects.

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Education groups only

Ms. Mandeville’s Classes

(Middle School Group)

7th Grade English class writings

Projects: 1  |  Contributors: 15  |  Submissions: 7

Sample School

(High School Group)


United States

This is a 50-character description of the school

Projects: 2  |  Contributors: 19  |  Submissions: 11

Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women

(Social Justice Project)

Speaking up for our sisters

Contributors: 0  |  Submissions: 0

Casa de la Misericordia

(Community Project)




A shelter for refugees

Contributors: 0  |  Submissions: 0

Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans

(Social Justice Project)



United States

Saving lives & relieving suffering along AZ border

Contributors: 1  |  Submissions: 1


(Middle School Project)

English class writings

Contributors: 15  |  Submissions: 7

Sample Class

(High School Project)



United States

This is a 50-character description of the class

Contributors: 4  |  Submissions: 4

Sample Session

(High School Session)



United States

This is a 50-character description of the Session

Contributors: 4  |  Submissions: 4



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