Project 1:1000 has its roots in education.  It was first envisioned in 2002 as mentored semester tour/exchange program for university students.  (See History here)  It has since blossomed into a website for all - artists and writers and photographers and anyone who wants to tell and read and share stories.

Additionally, the scope of the educational component has grown to include middle school, high school, and alternative/private schools, as well as the general community (friends, like-minded people) and companies (community-building, etc.).

Check out the video "For Educators" here.

Great care has been taken to ensure as much privacy as individuals and groups desire.  See Privacy & Basics here.

There are two ways that Project 1:1000 may be used as a resource in the field of education:

1.      Website-as-tool (Instructor-centered): Instructor uses Project 1:1000 website as a tool in the classroom, as such:

  • A  platform for reading, writing, and gathering writings
  • Monitor student process, progress, and output
  • Showcase schools, instructors, and/or classes
  • Highlight students and their creative output

See FAQ here (or via ABOUT > FAQ in menu near bottom of black above)


2.    Project 1:1000 Sessions

  • In collaboration with the Client, Project 1:1000 designs and facilitates a Session (4-12 weeks), which amounts to a structured, mentored, affirming, writing/accountability group
  • Project 1:1000 Team Member executes all of the above (#1)
  • Attendance keeping, updates, and/or final "grading" is optional and at discretion of Client

For more information and a quote on Sessions, see here






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