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Project 1:1000 was originally conceived in 2002 (see History) for educational purposes.  Since then, it has been further developed, expanded, and constructed with Teachers in mind.

We take great care to protect Users and their creations (Submissions) and provide as much privacy as both individuals and groups desire.  

We provide for the mutually agreed upon sharing and display of completed (site published) user creations (Submissions).  Additionally, we provide the ability for teachers to access and monitor shared, but uncompleted (unpublished) Submission drafts in order to gauge progress, meet any pre-publication deadlines, and/or offer suggestions.



It will be necessary for both leaders (teachers, project leaders, etc. - aka "Group Administrators") and participants (students, members, etc. - aka "Contributors") to create accounts with Project 1:1000.  Contributors, Group Administrators, and Groups alike can be afforded as much privacy as they choose.  Thoughtfulness and care should be exercised when creating a username.  Users may want to avoid any over personally-identifying usernames.  Read more about accounts, user types, and how it works here.


User Visibility

Users may decide whether to be visible (participate) in either the "Entire Site" or in "Group(s) only".  This setting can be used in conjunction with "Location Privacy" settings (next) and can changed at any time via USER > ACCOUNT > User Visibility.


Location Privacy

Upon registration, Users have the opportunity to show or hide their city, state, and/or country.  These items will be shown or hidden across the city accordingly.  These settings can be changed at any time via USER > ACCOUNT > Geography.


User image

All Project 1:1000 Users are asked to upload an image that will be associated with their account.  In the same spirit as Usernames (above: "Accounts") care should be taken when selecting an account image.  This image can be changed at any time via USER > ACCOUNT > ABOUT ME.


Group Privacy

Groups are offered the same privacy protection as individual Users.  Group Administrators may choose whether their Group is public or private (via USER > MY GROUPS > [Group Name / Edit ] > PROJECT/GROUP INFORMATION).  If Group is public, Group Administrators may choose whether to share their city, state, and/or country (via USER > MY GROUPS > [Group Name / Edit ] > PROJECT/GROUP INFORMATION).



In order to publish on the site, students will need to create a Contributor account ("User Type") when registering.  


Submissions (1 image + 1000 words)

For hints on writing, subjects, etc. see Submission suggestions.

After registering as Contributors, Users should then see an extra menu called WORK.  They can begin, save, edit, submit for publication, and view statistics on their Drafts & Submissions.

Contributors (Group Members) may share both published (completed and verified by site administrator) and unpublished Submissions (drafts) with the Group.  Only published Submissions are available for display on the Group page, but unpublished Submissions may be viewed/monitored by Group Administrator.

Group Administrators must first request that Contributor (who has made themselves "Available to Groups") become a member of the Group in order for Submission sharing to take place.  

Contributors edit Submission sharing settings via USER > WORK > [Submission / Edit] > Share Submission.

Read more about Groups and Submission sharing here.



In order to create and administer a Group, it will be necessary for the individual to create a Group Administrator account.  Keep in mind that Groups request/add existing members (Contributors) to the Group.  See "Accounts" above regarding account creation.

See a sample School here, which should link to a sample Class here.

Read more about Groups here.